Here are some of the frequently asked questions about personal training

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Many people who go to the gym are still trying to figure out what they should do. When they should progress or when to change up their plans. So, there is a ton of benefits to having a personal trainer.

First and foremost is going to be the structure of the workout programs. That's what the trainer is there for, to help you walk throughout the entire process, from workout to workout movements. The structure of each movement itself, all of that's going to play a huge factor in how fast you're going to hit your actual fitness goals.

Number two is going to be the nutrition part of it. That nutrition plan will play a huge role and a massive factor in hitting those goals. It's not just eating at a caloric deficit just for the sake of it. But eating the proper macro nutrients and breaking down how many carbs, proteins, and fats you must eat in a day. They are going to supply different energy stores throughout the entire day. 

Number three is going to be overall accountability. When you have somebody that's going to be waiting for you at the gym, you're not going to cancel. You're paying for the personal trainer to be there. They will make you accountable for being there. You're going to want to show up and do the work when you start to slack off. They're going to be the ones that are going to be holding you responsible when you miss sessions, not do workouts on the days that you're not seeing your trainer.

Number four is keeping you motivated.

Your personal trainer should be messaging you, saying, “Hey, I haven't seen you in a while; what's going on? I saw you missed this workout; what's going on? Let's get back on track and keep you motivated.”

So those are the four big reasons you should have a personal trainer.

  1. Accountability
  2. Workout Structure
  3. Nutrition Plan
  4. Motivation

The most important thing is having that rapport in the camaraderie and trusting each individual. So, when you come in, we do a free in-person fitness consultation specifically for that reason. I want to see where you're standing from a Fitness and Nutrition standpoint, seeing where those weaknesses may exist. At the same time I'm always trying to see if we would work well together. You must trust me and ensure that what I do will be best for you. I trust you to do everything assigned to you. I am very proud to say I have a very extraordinary relationship with every single one of my clients, not only professionally but from a personal standpoint. The in-person consultation is a great way to see if we will have that rapport with each client.

Our 60 Minute session gives you an hour of one-on-one personal training with me. There's going to be no other distractions, no other clients. You're with me one-on-one, which is what each individual needs in a session. I like to go through the entire 60 minutes breakdown. The first part will be a more dynamic warm-up, depending on what we're doing with their upper or lower body. We're going to warm up in a dynamic way we have a Thera massage gun, so we use that before each session to get the blood going to the muscles. It's like a mini deep tissue massage, preparing you for the workout. Then the majority of the training will be whether it's a lower body strength day, an upper body strength day, a HIT day, or a metabolic day. Whatever it is, we're going to have a majority of that time, whether it's 45 or 50 minutes of actually going to town kenneling the workout. I like to spend the last five minutes using that massage gun again, helping you recover, helping break up anything that's a bit more dense connective tissue that will keep you from being sore. We'll try to break that apart so that you don't feel like you got hit by a freight train when you leave. That way, you're not sore the next few days, which is an excellent benefit. Yes, you might have some soreness, but this will help alleviate much of that. That's what you can expect from me with those hour-long sessions.

So this is all up to each individual. I always say I love starting people off two days a week because I can see multiple body parts and workouts in a week. That way, it gives me a better chance to know where you're progressing at where your weaknesses are and be able to dive in there. As the sessions go on, either take a session away or add one. It's totally up to you depending on how you're progressing depending on how much you how much more attention you want you're struggling with specific workouts, it might be a good idea to get in the gym more often than as you kind of progress through your plan knock a day or two down and then go from there and then I mean I think I've had a couple of people start at like three days a week. After a few months, they might be down to one day a week or even just strictly online, which is the goal for me is to help you progress as fast as possible and make you feel as independent as possible, so you're not relying on me for your fitness goals that way you know what to do, and I teach you them on the path of what we have to do in the long run to sort of get to those goals so start where you're comfortable at and then as you progress address knock a couple of days off and you should be okay.

So, you'll have standard personal trainers across the board, usually the same kind of certification and the same kind of background as me. When I started my company, it always tried to provide the highest level of care. I have two master's degrees in exercise physiology and biomechanics I've worked with the Nashville Predators Olympic Runners, Olympic marathoners, Tour de France cyclists, NBA players, NHL players, you name it. I've worked with a lot of those athletes. I also work at Vanderbilt University at the medical center doing Cardiac and Pulmonary rehab with heart transplants, lung transplants, COPD, and heart attack patients. I've seen two opposite sides of the spectrum, everybody in between the hospital and professional athletes. I tried to, and I saw there was just such a vast difference between what those two populations are getting and what that everyday individual is getting. I was like this is an excellent opportunity to make my own company and provide the care I give to those two extremes to that everyday person. When you're training with my trainers or me, you're getting the highest level of care that's physically possible. We do not have people right out of high school with just a simple online certification. Our personal trainers have degrees, the highest level of certificates and licenses, or are registered nurses. When you're working with my team and me, it will be the highest level of care possible, so those are the five most frequently asked questions I get. If you guys have any questions, call or email me. All my contact information is available here. I appreciate all the support and look forward to helping you soon.