Heavy Pull Day Workout

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Yo, what is up guys! Here is an updated Pull workout that I did yesterday! The weights are finally going up! For this workout, I used Innovapharms MVPre 2.0 and Pump Dirt. Talk about a dirty pump! I am close to getting back to the normal weight for the banded rack pulls which is a nice sign! Just gotta keep pushing forward!

Todays Workout:
Banded Rack Pulls: 3×8
Pull ups: 3×10
Chest Supported Rows: 3×10
Cable Rows: 3×10
Med Grip Lat Pulldown: 3×10
Face Pulls: 3×12
Bicep Curls: 3×10
Hammer Curls: 3×10

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I hope you enjoy my fitness tips to help you kick more goals, Staying Healthy & Getting Ripped!

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