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Yo!!! This pre workout supplement drink review is going to look at is Like A Pro Pump + Focus Pre Workout! This has all the makings of a great pre workout… Let's see if it passes the test.

The criteria I look at for these videos are the PROFILE on the back (What exactly is in the supplement). Most of the time companies will put such small dosages of ingredients in it that they won't really do what they're supposed to. The second criteria is how does it make you feel during or INTRA workout and lastly how does it TASTE. Sometimes I'd like to know if what I am about to take tastes like chemicals or candy.

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3D ENERGY DRINKS: https://youtu.be/GpXpAlyFGB
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I hope you enjoy my fitness tips to help you kick more goals, Staying Healthy & Getting Ripped!

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Like A Pro

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