Insane Push Workout

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Yo guys! Here is a new Push workout that I started to do. I really like the fullness that I have added to my chest, shoulders and triceps over the past few weeks as well as the strength that has gone through the roof. Two weeks ago we hit 1×5 at 225 Ibs…Today we are shooting for 3×5. Here is the full workout:

Flat Bench Press: 5×5
Incline DB Bench: 3×8-12 w/Dropsets
Decline Cable Flyes: 3×12
Pec Dec Flyes: 3×10
Lateral DB Raise: 3×10 w/Dropsets
Front Plate Raise: 3×12-15
Plate Loaded Dips: 3×10
Tricep Pushdown: 310
OH Tricep Press 3×12

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I hope you enjoy my fitness tips to help you kick more goals, Staying Healthy & Getting Ripped!

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