Post Quarantine Body Transformation

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Yo!!!! Guys! I a psyched that we are back in the gym! It has been way to long! This series is going to be my biggest and most important one yet! In this series I take my life back! Over the past 8 weeks I have really struggled physically and emotionally not being able to workout and focus on myself…. Like a lot of us did and currently are. I really let myself go, but today we start the journey back! This series is not just about physically transforming my physique (Which would be nice), but my emotional and mental health transformation! We are talking about full workouts, full day of eating, review of all the supplements that I am taking and more!
Its time to stay healthy and get ripped!

Today's Workout:

Bench Press: 5×5
Incline DB Press 3×10
Cable Flyes: 3×10
DB Lateral Raise 3×10
Front Plate Raise: 3×10
Cable Lateral Raise: 3×10
Overhead Tricep Press: 3×10
Tricep Pushdown: 3×10
Tricep Kickbacks: 3×10

Skinny Fat to Six Pack Abs

Bulking Workout: Competition Prep

Leg Day Workout


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I hope you enjoy my fitness tips to help you kick more goals, Staying Healthy and Getting Ripped!

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