Pull Day Workout: Movements Explained

In this video I breakdown my BEST PULL DAY WORKOUT and give you the facts on each set on why you do them and what they effect.. Got a question on these workout movements leave a comment and an I will reply. 00:08 Rack Pulls01:02 Chest Supported Rows01:25 Lat Pulldowns1:52 Straight Arm Pulldowns02:59 Rear Delt […]

BUILDING the PERFECT BACK Workout – Back, Bicep and Delt Workout

Best Back Workout – Back, Bicep and Delt Workout – BUILDING THE PERFECT BACK Don’t forget to share this video, hit that share button! So we can continue are growth to 100k subscribers. Subscribe to our channel for other videos:https://www.youtube.com/mpfitness?sub_confirmation=1 LiquidIV Discount Code: michaelpalevofitnessLiquid IV LINK: https://mpfit.us/liquid-ivInstagram: @michaelpalevofitnessWebsite: https://mpfit.usRaleigh Personal Training: https://bit.ly/3mkAkOoFort Lauderdale Personal Training: […]

TOP 3 Back Movements For A THICK, STRONGER, and WIDER Back

TOP 3 Back Movements For A THICK, STRONGER, and WIDER Back 00:00 TOP 3 Back Movements – Introduction01:44 TOP 3 Back Movements – Third Place02:40 TOP 3 Back Movements – Second Place04:50 TOP 3 Back Movements – First Place07:05 TOP 3 Back Movements – Final Rankings & Breakdown Enter the Giveaway:https://kingsumo.com/g/ffc1pq/innovapharm-supplement-stack-giveaway Subscribe to our channel […]