Pull Day Workout: Movements Explained

In this video I breakdown my BEST PULL DAY WORKOUT and give you the facts on each set on why you do them and what they effect.. Got a question on these workout movements leave a comment and an I will reply. 00:08 Rack Pulls01:02 Chest Supported Rows01:25 Lat Pulldowns1:52 Straight Arm Pulldowns02:59 Rear Delt […]

Full Chest and Back Workout!! FEELING MASSIVE

Yo! What is up guys! Here is my full Chest and Back workout for the day! I am FINALLY getting back on track with some structured workout splits! 00:18 Pre Workout00:53 Workout for the day – Let’s Get Started01:00 Incline DB Bench Press 3×8,8,1202:03 Med Grip Landmines 3×12,10,802:11 Floor Presses: 3×1202:30 Lat Pulldown: 3×1203:03 Close […]