PULL DAY WORKOUT: Fueled by Intense PRE Workout Stack

In this video I breakdown today’s PULL DAY WORKOUT fueled by aN Intense Pre Workout Stack, give you each set in the workout, and why you do them and what they effect. Got a question on these workout movements leave a comment and I will reply. Klout PWR Pre Workout Reviewhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GeraMdV4yk Total War Pre Workout […]


INSANE PULL WORKOUT – Grow a Bigger Back!This workout was lit using Cutler’s Nutrition Repair & Prevail. 00:00 Pre Workout Intro00:55 Rack Pulls02:00 Deadlifts – AMAP02:22 Chest Supported Row02:45 Lat Pulldowns03:28 Straight Arm Pulldowns04:10 Alternate Bicep Curls04:39 Workout Review Don’t forget to share this video hit that share button! So we can continue are growth […]

Full Pull Day Workout – Getting Pumped!

Full Pull Day Workout – Getting Pumped! 00:00 Full Pull Day – Let’s get going…00:10 Rack Pulls00:35 DB Rows01:15 Straight Arm Pulldown01:45 Rear Delt Flyes02:13 Face Pulls02:48 Alternating Bicep Curls04:09 The End Enjoy the workout video! DOn’t forget share and tell us what you want to see in the comments Subscribe to our channel for […]

GETTING SHREDDED: Pull Day + Training Clients

Yo, what’s up guys! Here is the second day in the life video for the channel. We are going through a full day of eating, working out, and just overall living life. Plus, This workout will give you an INCREDIBLE PUMP and build muscle that you need to check it out! Don’t forget to turn […]

Pull Workout: Curls For The Girls!

Yo guys! Here is a new Pull workout that I started to do. I am going to call this Curls for the girls! I really like the fullness that I have added to my Lats, traps and Rhomboids over the past few weeks as well as the strength that has gone through the roof. Here […]

Heavy Pull Day Workout

Yo, what is up guys! Here is an updated Pull workout that I did yesterday! The weights are finally going up! For this workout, I used Innovapharms MVPre 2.0 and Pump Dirt. Talk about a dirty pump! I am close to getting back to the normal weight for the banded rack pulls which is a […]