Pull Day Workout: Movements Explained

In this video I breakdown my BEST PULL DAY WORKOUT and give you the facts on each set on why you do them and what they effect.. Got a question on these workout movements leave a comment and an I will reply. 00:08 Rack Pulls01:02 Chest Supported Rows01:25 Lat Pulldowns1:52 Straight Arm Pulldowns02:59 Rear Delt […]

Full Pull Day Workout – Getting Pumped!

Full Pull Day Workout – Getting Pumped! 00:00 Full Pull Day – Let’s get going…00:10 Rack Pulls00:35 DB Rows01:15 Straight Arm Pulldown01:45 Rear Delt Flyes02:13 Face Pulls02:48 Alternating Bicep Curls04:09 The End Enjoy the workout video! DOn’t forget share and tell us what you want to see in the comments Subscribe to our channel for […]